Maintaining Your Practice
with Follow-On Classes

Maintaining your meditation practice after the course has finished is often a struggle. Without the structure of a follow-on course it's easy to lose track, stop practising and get down-hearted and even give up.

All of us go through periods like this but the important thing to remember is that you can start again, at any time, and over and over again.

Practising with others is an excellent way to support your practice which is why I offer the Meditation Maintenance classes.

“Mindfulness practice requires personal discipline and commitment. Yet because we do not live our lives as independent, self-contained islands, we are always in relationship. Working with others via the medium of practice can be a powerful source of sustenance and inspiration.”

Saki Santorelli, Stress Reduction Clinic, Massachusetts

The sessions are informal and yet structured - a coming together of 'graduates' of the 8-week course so we can support each other’s practice through discussion and a range of familiar and new meditations.

  • The sessions take place once a month for a three-month block. They offer an opportunity to meet and practise together with the intention of refreshing, sustaining and deepening our practice and understanding of mindfulness.
  • The sessions are a great way to kickstart your practice if it has lapsed.
  • I will provide materials to support you and reflect on in the weeks between the sessions. 
  • There is no formal home practice set but you will be encouraged to establish and/or deepen your practice during the period.

Note: The classes are not suitable for people with no prior experience of meditation so they are only open  to those who have completed an 8-week MBCT or MBSR course.

"I really enjoyed the meditation maintenance session last week. It is really helpful to retain a link with yourselves and other course graduates to try to keep going with the practice!

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Meditation Maintenance

Due to Covid-19 all my courses and sessions have moved online you can find out more on the Online Mindfulness page

Morning of Mindfulness 

From time I run 'retreats' in the city which may be a half or a whole day. These practice sessions are a great opportunity for you to support and deepen your practice - and also to kickstart it if it has been flagging or even petered out.

These retreats are open to anyone who has completed an 8-week course or has some meditation experience. Because this mini 'Retreat in the City' is predominantly in silence it is it is not suitable for beginners.

If you have experience meditating but have not completed the 8 week course or have completed the 8-week course with another teacher and would like to join us you would be very welcome but you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire on booking.

We will begin and end each retreat with reflection and discussion and the rest of the time there will be a variety of guided practices including sitting, walking, stretching and lying down practices.


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