Participants' Feedback on the Follow-on Course

It is often helpful to know what other people's feedback have got out of attending the follow-on classes. So here are some comments from participants on their experience of the Meditation Maintenance Follow-on Course.

Connecting with others

"I really enjoyed the meditation maintenance session last week. It is really helpful to retain a link with yourselves and other course graduates to try to keep going with the practice!"

"I’ve found the Maintenance course really helpful, it keeps the thread going and being in the group is a powerful experience. Thank you."

Supports your practice

"It was very inspiring and really has helped me this week to reaffirn the importance of my practice. I have been practicising but it really helps to have the time to think about it as well as having a large chunk of practices with other people."

"I got a lot out of the first 'maintenance' session and a looking forward to the next."

"Your course has had a huge impact - something that is becoming more and more apparent as the months go by. Am really happy that you're doing the follow up and so grateful for all your support and encouragement."

"It came along at just the right time when I’m going through an awful lot of stress at work. I was practicing on my own, but this has helped a lot, I think just by doing it with others and hearing about there non-practicing/ modifications to practice. .. “thank you”"

Reinvigorate a lapsed practice

"Thank you very much for the course that you have run over the past few months. It has helped me in trying to get back into using my mindfulness meditation."

"...has completely helped me to re-focus"

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