Praise for Living in the Moment
by Anna Black

"I love the sensibility of it... that living mindfully is very much the ordinary moments between 'practice' and engaging skillfully with 'dead' time, holding on the phone, standing in the bank, those as anchors in any day. The illustrations are also beautiful. Rosalie Dores, Mindfulness Teacher

"A patient of mine recently showed me your book, Living in the Moment, which I found to be beautifully presented and simple in approach. I have for many years used Jon Kabat-Zin's Wherever You Go There You Are as a good reference for people. On reading your book I would like to refer people to it also as it has great appeal. I think it holds the mindfulness message in a most accessible and understandable way for people struggling with applying the principles. Particularly when diagnosed with a life threatening illness." Prue Fairlie, Palliative Counsellor and mindfulness teacher

"Living in the Moment is a gorgeous looking book, beautifully illustrated, with loads of ideas for using mindfulness at any time of the day. It is welcome change from the other books out there involving 8-week courses, a lot of reading and 30 minute meditations - although these are all well worth reading ... And even if you have read these books, done the courses, have established a daily practice, this book supplements that and brings something new.
What sets this book apart is that it is a book you can dip into, choose a practice that attracts you, and it a very attractive book, and then TRY IT. Yes, it may be a book to dip into but it offers so much more than the 'little books' I love such as Jon Kabat-Zinn's 'Arriving at Your Own Door: 108 Lessons in Mindfulness and Jack Kornfield's Buddha's Little Instruction Book with only a line or two on each page. This book teaches mindfulness in a simple and very accessible way.
Living in the Moment is for those who have experienced mindfulness and want something new but also for those who know nothing about it. It's a very attractive book with a quirky font and simple but effective illustrations on every page. It makes a lovely gift and I have already ordered 2 for friends - to give them the gift of mindfulness." Zed (Amazon review)

"There are a large number of books being written on mindfulness. Some of these books are very similar, and reflect the current new interest in the subject. This book is a good introduction and is written in a very informative manner that shows the sensitivity of the author. For me it is one of the best introductions to the subject,and has some important points to make. Well worth the read and a good pointer for refining practice and the development of a new way of being. Thoroughly recommend." Mr P Stanford (Amazon review)

"I have bought many mindfulness books during the last few years, and I must say that this book is the most practical and nice one so far! The suggestions how to practise mindfulness are practical, innovative and very easy to follow, and one can immediately see that the writer has a good practical knowledge of mindfulness. First I thought that the way some of the text has been enlarged is disturbing, but when I started underlining some important parts of the text, I noticed that the enlarged text was just what I would have underlined, so not a bad thing then! Personal and somewhat rough drawings were nice addition in the book, too. This is an especially good book for young people, for someone who wants to get to know basics of mindfulness in an easy-to-read-and-follow manner, and also it is very interesting for somebody who has already practised mindfulness for some time. Paperback format and relatively compact size make it easy to carry. I recommend this warmly into your library of mindfulness books or as a first or only one" Leena Kahari (Amazon review)

"This book was presented in a way that makes you want to read It gives you positive ways to improve your life and actual exercises to do instead of just talking about it .This is a book for people who take little time for themselves and by reading this you have to find time! Mrs S. G. Nowak (Amazon review)

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