What is Mindfulness Meditation?

  • Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention - noticing our experience (thoughts, feelings, emotions and the world around us) as it arises without judging it.
  • Mindfulness is a quality that we all have within us but we can become disconnected from it.
  • We can cultivate mindfulness through meditating. Meditating shines a light on our inner experience and through meditating regularly we can cultivate particular attitudes including kindness, curiosity, patience, non-judging, curiosity, beginner's mind. However, we don't have to meditate in order to practice mindfulness. We can cultivate mindfulness in other ways.
  • When we meditate we are learning to watch our thoughts as mental events - a bit like the weather. We can watch them come and go without getting caught up and stuck in them. It is not about stopping our thoughts or trying to empty our mind.
  • When we practise mindfulness meditation we are learning to be with all experiences - the good, the bad and the neutral. It is not about focusing on the positive experiences only. However, when we intentionally develop our awareness we notice how many positive experience are occurring throughout our day that normally we would not notice.
  • Practising mindfulness is not going to make all our problems disappear. However, if practised regularly it can help us  relate differently to difficulties in our life. This means the difficulties seem more manageable and less overwhelming.

How to learn mindfulness meditation

We can learn mindfulness meditation by doing a course with an experienced teacher, read books or maybe look online or use an app and practice on our own. Different methods will suit different people depending on their circumstances.

You can read more about the benefits of learning more about mindfulness meditation in a group taught by a trained and experienced teacher here

If you would like to book a mindfulness course with Anna Black you can find out more information here

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