Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness at Work by Anna Black

Mindfulness at Work by Anna Black explores how we can learn to manage the challenges of today's workplace more effectively. Work-related stress is an all-too-common part of modern life. The rise of digital media means that many people never really switch off from work and the culture of presenteeism causes us to spend more time at work than ever before. Many of us spend a lot of time either ruminating on previous problems or worrying about future work-related issues.

In Mindfulness at Work (Cico Books) by Anna Black, we can learn how to become aware of our habitual negative thoughts and behaviours and learn to recognize and manage the warning signs of stress.

Mindfulness at Work contains short and simple meditations that can be used throughout the working day to strengthen focus and concentration, enhance working relationships and improve empathy - all of which help you to prefer well and keep calm at work.

Anna Black draws on her experience teaching mindfulness to the general public and in organisations to create an accessible introduction to using mindfulness in the work environment, helping you flourish, whatever your job.

Mindfulness is practised in workplaces all over the world - from boardrooms to sports arenas, by diverse groups such as the US marines, doctors, nurses, prison officers, judges, school teachers and many others Some of the reported benefits of mindfulness in the workplace include:

  • improved focus and concentration
  • greater compassion and empathy
  • greater sense of perspective
  • better able to handle difficult emotions
  • improved relationships
  • improved decision-making
  • less reactive
  • kinder to self and others
  • greater creativity

Mindfulness at Work by Anna Black

The following article with extracts from Mindfulness at Work is from Breathe Magazine.

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Introduce mindfulness into your workplace

Anna has taught mindfulness in local government, the NHS, law firms, media agencies, publishing companies and schools. If you are interested in finding out about taster sessions or courses in your workplace please contact her here.

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